3 safety tips for fleets

Reduce Accident Risk, Save Fuel Cost, Motivate Drivers and Increase Productivity

If you manage a fleet, safety is an on-going concern.  The most common causes of fleet accidents include poor maintenance, equipment failure, driver error and inclement weather.  Overlooking safety could lead to significant cost due to lost loads, lost productivity, vehicle repairs, negative publicity, diminished vehicle value, medical bills if an accident occurs and increased insurance premiums.  The financial impact could be devastating.

Implementing safety procedures addressing the most common causes of trucking accidents will save you money, reduce accidents, improve processes, motivate drivers and increase the overall safety and productivity of your fleet.  The 3 top safety tips for fleets range from vehicle maintenance to offering safety incentives.

What are the top safety tips for fleets?

Pay attention to vehicle maintenance A safe fleet is comprised of safe drivers and safe vehicles.  From brakes and tires to electrical malfunctions and engine failure preventing breakdowns will reduce downtime, save money and prevent accidents.  Don’t let any vehicle in your fleet become disabled due to lack of maintenance.  The hassle of waiting for roadside assistance when you are carrying a full load in the back in need of delivery can be prevented.  Keep your fleet operating at peak productivity and maximum safety by responding to vehicle recalls, performing regular preventative maintenance and conducting vehicle inspections.

Implement a driver safety policy and offer safety incentives – Hold your drivers accountable and incent the drivers who are safe.  An implemented safety policy reflects an expectation and safety standard drivers must adhere to.  A safety policy reflects the company’s commitment to the safety of their drivers and vehicles.  Incentives motivate drivers.  Whether the incentive is gift cards or bonuses, incenting drivers for remaining accident free demonstrates the importance of safety.

Improve performance with driver training and communication Fleet driver safety is directly related to a driver’s skill level and education.  From distracted and aggressive driving to driving in dynamic road conditions, ongoing relevant training will reduce accident risk, save cost in fuel and increase productivity.  Accidents do happen.  Often, an accident is not the fault of your fleet driver.  With tourism, road construction and heavy traffic refreshers in defensive driving can help avoid mishaps.  Training topics can vary and include; defensive driving, aggressive driving, driving in inclement weather, distracted driving, tailgaters, good driving habits and more.  Even the most seasoned veteran driver can benefit from ongoing education and communication.

Keep your Vehicles and Drivers Safe

Vehicle and driver safety are one of the primary concerns for fleet managers and owners.  Safe drivers and vehicles are essential for a productive and profitable enterprise.  If you have a vehicle that is involved in an accident, contact us today for expert fleet collision repair.