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Why are Trucks & Fleets Changing to Automated Transmissions?

For over a century, drivers and operators in the truck and heavy equipment industry have been manually shifting through gears every day. Learning to shift properly is an emphasis placed on every truck and heavy equipment operator. The importance of manually shifting properly is stressed and included in the training for a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and has been part of the exam. Today, there are three types of transmissions in the trucking industry, automatic, manual, and automated. Gaining in popularity, automated transmissions have revolutionized the trucking industry, the same way the automatic transmission did with the automobile industry so many years ago. Are automated transmissions something to consider? For many truckers and fleets across the country, the answer is yes.

What are The Top 3 Reasons to Choose an Automated Transmission for your Truck or Fleet?

Increased Cost Savings and Fuel Efficiency

Fuel costs are one of the largest expenses when operating and managing a fleet of trucks. with the cost of diesel fuel bouncing around from one extreme to another, budgeting for fuel has become extremely difficult. When automated transmissions first came out their fuel efficiency was quite poor. Today, the opposite is true due to technical advances. A well-maintained automated transmission will outperform manual transmissions in fuel efficiency and help save you on fuel costs.

Improved Performance

Today’s modern automated transmission will increase the truck’s overall performance, giving the operator a higher level of control. No longer are drivers searching for the right gear to maintain control in adverse road conditions. This improved control drastically increases the safety of the driver, equipment, and other drivers on the roadways. With automated transmissions, drivers have more control on steep hills, curves, and poor and slippery road conditions.

Shortened Learning Curve

Shifting gears manually has been one of the hardest training curves while getting a CDL certification. Even if a driver is transitioning from an automobile with a five-speed manual transmission to a heavy rig with an average of 12 gears, learning to manually shift can be a daunting task. Using trucks with automated transmissions helps inexperienced drivers get through their CDL training much faster and with much more confidence, which will increase their safety and your property substantially.

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