Stainless Steel Tanker Repair

stainless steel tanker repair

Get your Stainless Steel Tanker Repair Work Done Quickly and Correctly with Florida Truck and Trailer

In the event your stainless steel tanker needs repair services be sure to contact Florida Truck and Trailer. At our shop we handle everything from a major roll over to a DOT inspection. With over fifty years of experience, we have the skill, knowledge, and qualified team to solve any problem and repair any tanker on the road. For this reason, we have become one of the largest heavy equipment repair companies in the state. At Florida Truck and Trailer, we understand that when you are off the road, you are losing money. For that reason, our goal is to provide you with high quality service, and a reasonable turnaround time. We will also keep your costs as low as possible.

Our Stainless Steel Tanker Repair Services Include,

But are Not Limited to the Following:

Aluminum, Stainless & Steel Fabrication and Welding

Auxiliary Suspension Repair and Rebuilding

Barrel Damage

Complete Brake and Drum Repair

DOT Inspections

Ladders, Catwalks, and Fender Repair and Construction

Landing Gear and Frames

Rollover Damage Repair

Stainless Wrap Sheets and Heads


And Much More

stainless steel tanker repair

Was your Stainless Steel Tanker Damaged in an Accident? 

If so, We Accept All Insurance Claims!

Although many tankers are built to last, they can become worn out or damaged. This doesn’t always mean you entire tanker needs to be replaced. We may be able to refurbish it for you. As you are aware, replacing the tanker trailer can be costly. Whereas restoring it will cost much less. As long as there is not severe damage to the tank barrel or other structural problems, refurbishing it is an option. The good news is that the experts at Florida Truck and Trailer can refurbish damaged tankers. When we complete our repairs, your tanker will have the same strength and beauty before it became damaged.

Have the Best Stainless Steel Tanker Repair Shop Your Side

Florida Truck and Trailer has been serving the state of Florida since 1970. Since that time, we have affordably and efficiently repaired thousands of stainless steel tankers. With over 5 decades of experience, we understand what it takes to get the job done quickly and correctly. Our team is committed to helping the hard-working men and women in the trucking industry. We know our nation’s economy relies on keeping you on the road. That is why we are serious about keeping your equipment looking and running like new. Contact us today!

Best place in the state of Florida to have all your truck and trailer needs fixed. They have a wonderful crew that KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE DOING. And the management is professional, and friendly. Wouldn’t recommend any other company to work on your equipment.

Jose A.

stainless steel tanker repair

Why Choose Florida Truck and Trailer?

Over 50 Years of Truck and Fleet Collision Repair Experience

Highest Quality Workmanship in the Industry

Fastest Turnaround Time

Trained, Skilled Technicians

The Best Customer Service in the State of Florida

Accurate Time Estimates

Proficient with Insurance Work

Top of the Line Materials and Products