5 Key Comprehensive Factors in Building

a Fleet Maintenance-Repair Plan


Estimates for unscheduled downtime for semi-trucks and commercial trucks can cost between $300 and $1,000 per day. In addition, tractor-trailer and truck maintenance remains the key foundation of safe uninterrupted operations for drivers and employees. Equally important, it keeps other travelers on the roads safer.

What are the 5 key comprehensive factors in building a fleet maintenance-repair plan?

  1. Partner with a reputable fleet maintenance provider.
  2. Build a baseline record of maintenance for each vehicle in your fleet.
  3. Construct a maintenance and repair checklist and plan with your maintenance provider.
  4. Establish scheduled maintenance timeline calendar.
  5. Train and communicate company maintenance plan and policies with employees.

Find a Reputable Fleet Maintenance-Repair Provider

Research local companies that specialize in fleet maintenance, collision, and repair. You want a one stop provider that can do it all. The reason is to eliminate us much downtime as possible. Furthermore, you don’t want your assets moving from one location to another. In fact, this will simplify communication between drivers, fleet managers and your fleet maintenance and repair provider. Simply said, it will reduce downtime, lower your costs, and increase profitability. Ultimately, choose a company with decades of experience, references, and top-notch reviews.

Build a Baseline Record of Maintenance and Repairs

It is vitally important to know where and how to start your maintenance plan. Documenting past and current maintenance and repairs is critical to building a future maintenance plan and schedule. Records of routes and loads should also be documented. Some assets could have tougher routes, jobs, and schedules. Therefore, requiring more scheduled attention versus lesser used utilities. Given these points, some cabs, trailers, and trucks may need more attention more often and others less attention.

Assemble a Fleet Maintenance and Repair Checklist with your Maintenance and Repair Provider

Your provider will have multiple plans and options available. Moreover, partner with your provider to be build a comprehensive plan that fits your specific needs. There are also many online examples of checklists and plans to help with ideas.

Create a Scheduled Maintenance and Repair Timeline Calendar with your Provider

This will ensure that regular scheduled maintenance is performed in a timely manner. Above all, this will help eliminate more serious breakdowns in the future. At the same time saving your company costly downtime and repair. Fleet maintenance and repair specialists understand the need to be flexible with schedules and will work with you to accomplish all scheduled maintenance and repairs.

Communicating and Training Drivers and Employees

Take the time to train and communicate your drivers and employees on your fleet maintenance and repair plans and policies. In reality, getting buy-in and participation from drivers and employees is a key factor in successful maintenance and repair plans. Therefore, documenting and communicating to the fleet manager all vehicle and equipment concerns is critical. Keeping your assets operating at peak performance not only reduces company costs, but more importantly keeps them and the public travelers safer.

Whether you are a fleet-manager, owner-operator, or one of the 9 million men and women in the trucking industry, safety and efficiency start with having fleet maintenance and repair plan

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5 Key Comprehensive Factors in Building a Fleet Maintenance-Repair Plan
5 Key Comprehensive Factors in Building a Fleet Maintenance-Repair Plan